Joachim McMillan born on the Caribbean island of Grenada, with an upbringing marked by the simplicity of growing up in the countryside with mountainous landscapes and surrounded by magnificent views of marine vessels in the ocean. Joachim McMillan believed from very young that extraordinary things can evolve from the ordinary. With this mind-set and his outstanding passion to further nurture his creative intelligence and ingenuity, he ventured out into the greater world, creating a significant presence and making an even more significant contribution in art shows all across the US and internationally.

  He is a self-taught artist who epitomizes what true raw talent is about. Using an impressionistic style, he does not allow himself to be confined to rules and possesses a bold spirit that allows him to experiment with his craft and seek constant growth and reinvention.

  As an innovative artist, Joachim McMillan brings to the world a vibrant and unique art style that explores the energy of life through color and texture. His paintings reflect the multi-faceted nature of the human condition and the world in which we live and he achieves this by dissecting his paintings with energetic strokes using palette knives. The palette knife is his creative edge, and he works with oils on canvas to produce art that stimulates curiosity and marvels the observer. In fact, as regards the subjects of his works, there is the occasional presence of ambiguity which adds more intrigue as the viewer entertains several possibilities and explanations of what the paintings are expressing. This avant-garde style of art is unparalleled and so too is the skill of merging his art with a fashion brand.

  Joachim McMillan is known for the Mozayic brand which began in 2012, first as an exceptional style of painting that then evolved to include a trendy and artistic fashion brand. Joachim McMillan remains highly influenced by his native culture. This is reflected in the signature brand’s logo created by the artist himself that includes a hand symbol, representative of a type of masquerade called 'Jab’ seen during Grenada’s carnival. The other and more significant feature of the logo is the MO concept. This was inspired by the initial letters in Mozayic and also the desire to pun on the word ‘more’ meaning an increase and using a very casual and witty variant ‘Mo’. ‘MO’ suggests growth which is certainly the direction this fashion brand is headed in. This brilliant combination of art and design seen in the products is so bold and compelling that it is sure to shatter the status quo. The visual and artistic appeal of all the products undoubtedly makes all the wearers and users stand out, making profound ultra-modern fashion statements.

  He is also part of the Crypto Art Movement which promotes the use of art as a form of storage for digital currencies like Bitcoin. The paintings include a cold wallet at the back which facilitates the storing of Bitcoin offline. On each piece the private keys to your wallet are scored or painted onto the painting and visible to confirm its authenticity.

  All this represents the ingenuity and creative expressions of Joachim McMillan, a true cutting-edge, world class artist and designer. His creativity has no boundaries and his art is simply timeless.

“The art of making art depends on the artist’s creativity, unique style and vision.” – Joachim McMillan