Joachim Mcmillan brings to the world a vibrant art style that explores the energy of life through color and texture. As a painter, he uses a palette knife as his creative edge, using oils on canvas. More recently he has introduced his ‘Mozayic’ brand into a line of wearables, which was inspire by his painting style.

Raised in the Caribbean, Joachim is inspired by beauty of nature and the dynamism of the human spirit. He continues to draw influence from his growing up in the West Indies, to his young adulthood in New York City, the Pacific Northwest where he now resides, and his love of global travel. His artistic subjects range from bustling cityscapes, figurative, island cottages and landscapes, musical scenes reminiscent of Carnival and New Orleans Jazz and colorful sailing regattas.

All paintings are orginal works, with commissions upon request.

“The art of making art depends on the artist’s creativity, unique style and vision.” – Joachim McMillan

Artistic Approach & Style: Joachim's artistic focus is primarily oil on canvas.  As an artist he is not confined to canvas, viewing "anything as a canvas." With this approach he has branched out into the development of his Mozayic "MO" brand for wearables.  Allowing inspiration where he finds it, he has also created whimsical clocks with colorful, unique faces and expressions.

Honoring his Caribbean heritage and the rich cultural, artistic expression of Carnival/Jouvert, Joachim has produced 'Jouvert clothing and dolls' representative of the different Caribbean traditions of masquerade from Brasil, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, Guadalupe, French Guiana, and up into New Orleans, New York and other global, cosmopolitan cities where Caribbean peoples have immigrated.  'Moko-Jumbie' (carnival artists on stilts) are also found represented in his colorful, joyful paintings.